About Us


The Binational Association for Schools of Communication. BINACOM is an international academic association that brings together communication scholars, students, teachers, researchers, and other communication professionals with a special interest in the border region between the United States and Mexico and beyond.

BINACOM holds monthly member meetings that foster international collaboration and prepare the organization of its biennial “Encuentro,” an international scholarly conference for people from both sides of the border to interact, share work, present ongoing projects and research initiatives, attend workshops, and view expositions and demonstrations on areas such as media, journalism, speech communication, photography, and culture.

The Binational Association member institutions include (In alphabetical order):

Autonomous University of Baja California
California State University/ Northridge
Iberoamericana University/ Tijuana
San Diego State University
University of California/ San Diego
University of San Diego
University of Sonora


BINACOM shares the vision that engaging in interaction across borders

will lead to a deeper understanding of communication processes in general, and improve relations between Mexico and the United States in specific.

The mission of BINACOM is

to facilitate ethical communication and refute stereotypes associated with the border.

BINACOM is an institutional member of

the International Communication Association (ICA).