BINACOM Officers and Structure of the Binational Association

Membership in the Binational Association of Schools of Communication of the Californias is open to colleges and Universities in the San Diego/Baja California region which have degree programs in communication and related areas.
The Binational Association is registered as an AsociaciĆ³n Civil in Mexico, and has 501(c)(3) status as an educational organization in the State of California.

Officers are elected for two-year terms, and the presidency alternates between Mexico and the United States.

If you are interested in becoming a member of BINACOM, please fill out this form.

The Binational Association member institutions include (In alphabetical order):

Autonomous University of Baja California
California State University/ Northridge
Iberoamericana University/ Tijuana
San Diego State University
University of California/ San Diego
University of San Diego
University of Sonora